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Perfekte Sauberkeit für Deine Wohlfühloase – Entdecke die Vorteile des Polsterreinigers

Perfect cleanliness for your feel-good oasis - discover the benefits of the upholstery cleaner

Upholstered furniture is an important part of our living space and contributes significantly to our well-being. But over time, dirt, stains and bacteria accumulate in our sofas and mattresses. Upholstery cleaners are an effective and time-saving solution to restore the hygienic freshness of our favorite furniture.

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about upholstery cleaners and learn about all the benefits of this sustainable cleaning product.

Table of contents

What is upholstery cleaner and how does it work?

Upholstery cleaners are special cleaning agents that have been developed for cleaning upholstered furniture such as sofas, mattresses and upholstered chairs. They are designed to penetrate deep into the fibers and remove even stubborn dirt and bacteria. Upholstery cleaners can be used either manually or with a special device such as a wet vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner.

The benefits of upholstery cleaners for upholstered furniture

Upholstery cleaners offer many advantages for our upholstered furniture. They not only remove visible dirt and stains, but also invisible bacteria and odors. Upholstery cleaners can help to extend the life of your upholstered furniture and therefore save you money efficiently. Clean upholstered furniture also ensures a healthier living environment and a better sense of well-being.

The use of upholstery cleaners

Vacuum your upholstery thoroughly before use. Carefully shampoo the surface to be cleaned with the cleaning agent using a gentle brush or cleaning cloth, for example. After cleaning, you can leave your upholstery to dry or use a vacuum cleaner. BiOHY Upholstery Cleaner is an economical concentrate that is diluted with water before use. Simply mix the contents with cold water in a ratio of 1:10 and you're ready to go. For manual cleaning, you only need 100 ml of concentrate to 1 liter of water. For machine cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner, it is even sufficient to use only 10-30 ml of concentrate per liter of water.


BiOHY upholstery cleaner - suitable for all textiles

BiOHY Upholstery Cleaner has the great advantage that it can be used on a wide variety of textiles. Whether cotton, polyester, wool, silk, leather or microfiber: the economical concentrate effortlessly removes even stubborn stains and odors while protecting the material.

Environmental friendliness is a top priority

Sustainable upholstery cleaners are a good alternative to conventional cleaning agents as they are biodegradable and contain no harmful chemicals. Cleaning concentrates are also more economical to use and save vast amounts of packaging material. The BiOHY upholstery cleaner is able to remove mold and bacteria without using aggressive chemicals.

Alternative methods for cleaning upholstery

In addition to ready-made upholstery cleaners, there are also alternative methods for cleaning upholstered furniture. One option is to use household remedies such as vinegar, baking soda or citric acid. Vinegar, for example, can help to neutralize odours and remove stains, while baking soda can help to absorb unpleasant odours. Citric acid can also help to remove stains and odors. When cleaning upholstery with home remedies, however, it is important to emphasize that care should be taken when using them and that you should inform yourself in advance about the effects on the upholstery material. Specially designed upholstery cleaners generally offer a simpler and safer solution. Nevertheless, it is perfectly possible to try alternative methods if necessary.



Upholstery cleaners are an effective solution for cleaning upholstered furniture such as sofas, mattresses and upholstered chairs. They remove dirt, stains and bacteria and thus ensure a healthier living environment and a better sense of well-being. There are different types of upholstery cleaners that are suitable for different materials and purposes. When buying upholstery cleaners, you should look for environmentally friendly and economical products to protect the environment and your wallet.

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