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BiOHY shipping

BiO HY shipping information

Shipping and delivery conditions

Shipping within Germany is free for our customers.

Delivery time for Germany: 2 - 4 days
Delivery time for Europe: 3 - 5 days
up to 1 kg for free €10.90 €11.65
up to 2 kg for free €11.65 €12.50
up to 3 kg for free €12.40 €13.35
up to 6 kg for free €14.65 €15.90
up to 8 kg for free €16.15 €17.60
up to 10 kg for free €17.65 €19.30
up to 12 kg for free €19.15 €21.00
up to 20 kg for free €25.15 €27.80
up to 31.5 kg for free €33.78 €37.58


FSC Mix carton:
By using certified FSC Mix cardboard, we support sustainable forest management and thus protect people and nature. FSC (Forest Stewarship Council) products are obtained from responsible forest management and promote environmental protection and nature conservation.


Shipping via DHL GOGREEN:
The greenhouse gases produced during shipping are neutralized thanks to GOGREEN. With this shipping method, compensation is provided via internationally recognized climate protection projects.

Cushion Pack

Recycling / Package cushioning:
With sustainable cushion pack machines, we are able to make our packaging even more environmentally friendly: used but still intact cardboard is transformed into packaging material. This means that former boxes can be used again as package insulation and do not have to be disposed of.