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Our missions and goals

Company organization :

We are a medium-sized family business with short decision-making processes and a high degree of personal responsibility.

Work atmosphere:

We are a company where it is great fun to work. We treat each other fairly and with respect. A high level of employee satisfaction and long periods of employment are important to us. We live our ethical and social values.


We are a company that promotes and challenges its employees and rewards them fairly. Our strengths are well-trained, motivated and satisfied employees. Through different models of employee profit sharing, employees are also co-entrepreneurs.


We offer both our commercial and private customers the best offers and the highest quality of goods. This includes a clear sales concept for all sales channels.


We treat our suppliers fairly. We work with powerful and reliable suppliers and partners. We maintain a partnership and long-term cooperation with suppliers who share our values ​​and goals.

Environmental protection and sustainability:

We understand environmental protection and sustainable action as a holistic challenge that cannot be reduced to smaller aspects. We see an ecological inventory as the basis of a sustainable future-proof economy and as a significant contribution to world supply. By using biological and vegan cleaning agents, we actively promote the preservation of biological diversity. All packages we send are made from environmentally friendly FSC MIX * paper and we ship exclusively with DHL GoGreen .


In our decisions, we are free from external economic regulations and influences. Independence from banks and major investors is part of our corporate culture. We see ourselves as a branded company with our own sales department, the mix of our sales channels gives us the freedom to act.

Brand and range:

In our most important core areas, we work towards a leading market position in the industry. We are a competent dealer. We are strengthening our core ranges with innovations. We are an authentic, likeable, fun-loving and trustworthy brand with a face.


We grow organically. Operating profit is more important to us than sales. Our strengths are high productivity and competence, as well as efficient processes.


Ensuring and increasing our organic quality as well as the general full quality of our cleaning agents has top priority for us. We are anchoring this in the awareness of all employees and everyone involved along the entire value chain.