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ecology and sustainability

Our contribution to environmental protection:

1. We only ship with DHL GoGreen.          

As part of the GoGreen environmental protection program, the greenhouse gases produced by transport are offset by climate protection projects.

Millions of parcels are sent in Germany every day. CO2 is emitted with every transport. Emissions are neutralized with climate-neutral shipping from DHL.

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2. Biohy products are only packed in FSC-certified material.

FSC-certified paper means that the paper is made from wood that comes from responsibly managed forests. The certification process aims to achieve environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable management of the forests.

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3. We have recently started using cushion pack machines.

With cushion pack machines, we are able to make our packaging even more environmentally friendly by not simply disposing of useless and broken materials, as well as those that are still intact, but by making them reusable.

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BIOHY products stand for quality, professionalism and sustainability.

Protection of people, the environment and resources - a topic that is becoming more and more important, also in the field of building cleaning. That is why we, as a company active in the industry, have decided to do our part to ensure a future worth living in. The result: BIOHY - an own for professional cleaning service providers developed cleaning range. The individual BIOHY products cover the most important cleaning purposes completely and help Health, nature and economy equally account.

Cleanliness is important. It affects us every day. An important reason to promote sustainability and health through our consumer behavior and targeted product selection, instead of putting more strain on us and our environment.

What exactly is meant by ecology in relation to cleaning?

In the field of ecological cleaning, the products are completely biodegradable. In addition, superfluous and harmful fragrances and additives are avoided. The BIOHY universal cleaner can be used, for example, to remove limescale and water stains. With the BIOHY glass and surface cleaner, mirrors, windows and glass surfaces can be cleaned efficiently. Washbasins, fittings and tiles should be cleaned with the BIOHY sanitary cleaner, as it cleans limescale and limestone with natural citric and lactic acids. However, under no circumstances should marble, terrazzo, anodised aluminum and enamel be cleaned with the sanitary cleaner. In addition to limescale and limestone, the BIOHY toilet cleaner can also be used to remove stubborn urine scale. BIOHY floor care can be used to clean floors. For example, it can be used on linoleum, rubber or sealed wooden floors.