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Clean Days! bis zu 40% Rabatt! Endet am 19.07!

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The advantages you have with us:

1. A healthier environment

Studies have shown that conventional cleaning sprays increase the risk of asthma after just one use per week. Conversely, using biological cleaning products can reduce the risk of asthma. So if you choose ecological cleaning products, the person cleaning with them no longer absorbs chemicals through their skin or inhales them. All other family members also benefit from the health benefits of ecological cleaning agents.

2. Better air quality

The strong, unpleasant odor of some chemical cleaning products worries some people. Many organic cleaning agents - both the BIOHY products and those that you can make yourself at home - contain pleasant, natural oils. These ensure greater well-being and a more pleasant smell after cleaning.

3. Do something for the environment

When you use conventional cleaners, countless harmful chemicals are released into your immediate environment. By switching to ecological cleaning agents, you are helping to reduce water and air pollution.

Further information:

PH value

pH is a measure of the acidic or basic character of an aqueous solution . It is the opposite of the logarithm to the decade (logarithm to the tenth) of hydrogen ion activity [1] and is a dimensionless number .

nonionic surfactants

Surfactants that do not contain any dissociable functional groups and therefore do not separate into ions in water are referred to as nonionic surfactants or nonionic surfactants. [1] Like any surfactant, nonionic surfactants are made up of a non-polar and a polar part. A fatty alcohol (C12-C18) or octyl- or nonylphenol is usually used as the non-polar part. The polar groups here are the hydroxy group and the ether group . These groups are contained in polyethylene glycol or monosaccharides .

Source: Wikipedia